MVT-7200 Review

by Jeff Goldman

The following short review was placed on the Scanning Section of CompuServes HAMNET forum by Sysop Jeff Goldman.

Subj: MVT-7200 REVIEW!!!
Section: VHF/UHF Scanning
From: Jeff Goldman [SysOp] 75162,2371 # 405544, * No Replies *
Date: 02-Oct-95 00:11

Well, I received the brand new Yupiteru MVT-7200 on Friday. It probably came out in Japan two weeks ago and Javiation received their shipment last week. This scanner will only be available thru the end of the year (via the UK).

The MVT-7200 looks almost identical to the 7100, although the case is a medium gray, print on the keys is now black, and secondary functions are in green.

The backlight stays on for around 5 seconds after your last keypress, or you can make it stay on permanently.

There's a ferrite bar which means you'll get some strong, local Mediumwave stations.

LSB and USB modes are within about 150Hz of each other, rather than being offset 3kHz from one another. When you punch in a sideband freq, it's almost dead on! Adjusting the scanner so it's on freq is the same as before (easy), but you don't lose your memories when you open up the scanner!

Audio is similar in clarity and volume, but there isn't quite as much bass as in the 7100 for some reason.

The sideband filters are definitely tighter than before because I had a 7100 set to the same 75mtr Amateur transmission as my 7200 and the 7100 was getting splatter while the 7200 got no splatter whatsoever. (It was weak splatter, not overpowering.)

Evidently, the narrow AM filter that they've now put into the 7200 is much more narrow than the one in the Bogerfunk 7100. It's around 3kHz, so for increased clarity you may go off freq one kHz, which makes it sound like 4kHz. I was listening around an hour ago to 5975kHz BBC. They were being almost totally desensed by Deutsche Welle's carrier when I was listening with the 7100/7200 12kHz filter. No problem at all with the narrow filter. Go 2kHz away and the station pops out of the passband; it's that tight.

According to an ad in the Oct SWM (out in the UK last week), the 7200 has lower power consumption than the 7100. And they've added a 125kHz step position for WFM. I have no clue what country would use it. :-)

All birdies have been moved, which means that it is possible that intermod has moved around enough that LA and NYC users may find 470MHz+ cleaner than before.

This is one terrific scanner. Yeah, no alpha tags. Big deal.


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