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Uniden Bearcat
UBC-3000XLT 30kHz modifcation

The UBC-3000XLT was distributed in two market areas - Europe and Australia.

There was no difference in the two models with the exception that the Australian Model had by default 30kHz step sizes when searching 824.010-849.00MHz and 869.010-895.00MHz. This was/is a step size not used in Europe.

To control the two models for different markets a single Resistor is in line from Pin 81 from the main IC (IC306, UC1704) for the European version of the UBC-3000XLT. On the Australian version this is not used.

You can check which "version" you have by turning the radio on whilst holding down the 2, 9 and keylock keys. On a European version the display will show EUR 1.02 whilst a Australian version will show AUS 1.02

If you have a UBC-3000XLT set for the European market and wish to change it to a Australian version so 30kHz steps are enabled then the following modifcation needs to be done.

You will need a suitable screwdriver and hot, fine tipped soldering iron. Usual disclaimers apply - if you muck things up its your fault !

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Please note this modifcation does not apply/relate to the BC-3000XLT. It WILL NOT restore cellular frequenies to the BC-3000XLT. This model uses a different IC (UC1661).

  • Remove the battery pack and four screws securing the back casing.
    UBC-300)XLT, rear view

  • Lift off the back casing.
    UBC-3000XLT internals

  • You now lift off the top two PCB which together with the rotary control and BNC connector are attached to a metal casing. These will lift away from the front casing. There is just one connector block at bottom
    UBC-3000XLT Logic PCB

  • We now focus in on the Main IC (IC306, UC1704). Above and left of the top left hand corner of this IC is a row of three surface mount components. The Resistor at the left of this row needs to be removed to change from Eruopean to Australian firmware.

    A hot, fine tipped soldering iron will be required to carefully remove this component. Once removed you may wish to keep this component in a safe place as you may wish to restore the UBC-3000XLT back to a European version at some point by replacing it.
    UBC-3000XLT Main IC

  • With this resistor removed you need to reassemble the UBC-3000XLT. Carefully refit the middle PCB's ensuring that the connector block at the bottom is alligned correctly.
  • Replace the back case and four screws (the longer black screws fit in the top of the case)
  • Replace the battery
  • Turn the radio on whilst pressing 2,9 and Keylock to check which version is now enabled. On the Australian version 30kHz steps will be automatically selected when searching 824.010-849.00MHz and 869.010-895.00MHz. 30kHz steps are however not available as a user selectable step size on any other frequencies.

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