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The AR8000, AR8000DX & AR8000DX PCB are no longer available but this page remains for reference.

Apart from the standard AOR AR8000 we are pleased to say that we are able to offer the AR8000DX which is exclusive to ourselves and not available from any other source.

The AR8000DX has the provision of being able to switch between wide & narrow AM filters.

    The modification is carried out by installing a custom-built PCB into a standard AR8000. This will allow switching between the standard AM/NFM filter (approx. 12kHz bandwidth) and the narrower SSB filter (approx. 4kHz bandwidth)

    This improves the units performance on the short-wave bands and also on the medium wave band.

    No additional switches need be installed as the filter switching is achieved using the LOCAL key on the keypad.

    The LOCAL key option is activated by holding in the LOCAL key and switching the unit On. The LOCAL key should be held in until the sign-on message clears.

    Pressing the LOCAL key once will activate the filter and pressing it again will return to normal operation.

    To give an on-screen indication, one of the previously undocumented functions of the LOCAL key. If the LOCAL key is held in and the tuning knob on the top of the set is rotated, an indicator will appear on the display to the left-hand side of the S-meter section. Rotating the tuning knob will show numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from a to f. We've selected the "f" to appear, to show when the narrow filter is active.

    The AR8000DX modification does conflict with the possible use of the DS8000 as only one board can be fitted at any time.

The "DX" for Existing AR8000 Owners

The DX PCB used in the AR8000 is now exclusivly available from ourselves to existing AR8000 owners. The initial design of the custom PCB meant it was soldered onto the RF Board and unsuitable for owner fitting. The new board just plugs onto the free connector block on the RF Board and two wires need to be soldered to the underside of the RF Board (Full instructions supplied). The price is 35. Please E-Mail us for further information.

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