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AOR AR-8200
The Superior Concept

This information relates to the original AR8200 and not the AR8200 Series 2.
April 2000

  • Are there different Models ?
  • What about "full" coverage ?
  • What Serial Numbers are there ?
  • What Firmware do I have ?
  • What's this about additional Screening ?
  • Where is my Warranty Card ?
  • What Accessories come with the AR8200 ?
  • What should be on the Box ?
  • Other points

    There are two types of AR8200 produced:

    Frequency Coverage
    The frequency coverage of each model is as follows:

    There were initially three serial number ranges:

    Sending the VR command via RS-232 connection will return the Software version:

    The CPU also carries a Serial Number which can be displayed when using the AOR AR8200 Workshop Software (Click on HELP then ABOUT).
    • There wwere four CPU serial batches used on production versions of the AR8200:
        CPU Serial: 980418
        CPU Serial: 980511
        CPU Serial: 980527
        CPU Serial: 990410

      The most recent (990410) CPU's support a baud rate of 19,200 which was not reliable on earlier versions. The new firmware will also return the AR8200 to a "Powered Off" state if the power supply is disrupted.

      It is NOT possible to use serial numbers as way to identify if the latest CPU is fitted. The only way to tell is to check the actual CPU serial via software mentioned above.

      I do not know if the above CPU serial numbers have been mirrored on the AR8200B.

    All AR8200's (since late June 1998) sold by ourselves have had additional internal screening over several key components fitted by AOR (UK) to assist with the reduction of internal "noise" - This was not initially a production feature and only available on those supplied by dealers supported by AOR UK Ltd.. This additional screening has been fitted at production level since the latter part of 1998.

    There is no "Warranty Card" included with the AR8200 package. Your Warranty will be with the Dealer you purchased it from (Note that not all advertisers of AOR equipment in the U.K. have the support of AOR (UK) Ltd.,) and they may include their own "Warranty Card" but this has nothing to do with AOR. Your Invoice/Receipt or Credit Card receipt are proof of purchase (with us anyway).
    The following are standard accessories with the AR8200:

    AR8200 Box
    The AR8200 is packed in a polystyrene box with the above accessories securely packed. U.K Customers might note that the three pin AC Power Supply will not fit in the box but should be supplied.

    The exterior carton sleeve is grey/silver with green text. The serial number of the radio will also be displayed on the end of the box.

    Other identification labels may have been put on by the local AOR distributor or your dealer and may therefore vary. A few other points..

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