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Commtel 202

The Commtel range of scanners are distributed by ALTAI here in Europe with many of their models being more familiar to many as the PRO-xxxx at Tandy/Radio Shack. The Commtel 202 is the same as the Tandy PRO-44.

In addition to full VHF Airband coverage low & high VHF is included and UHF coverage from 380-512MHz. No Military Airband though I'm afraid. The Commtel 202 will select AM when entering an Airband frequency and NFM for all other frequencies. Default increment steps are also used.

50 memory channels are available and a simple search facility allows you to scan up or down from the displayed frequency very quickly to search for new active frequencies.

Small & compact the Commtel 202 requires 6 x AA batteries (not included) or can be powered from an external 9v DC Supply, this would be advisable when using the set at home to save batteries.

The Commtel 202 is easy to use and offers excellent performance - ideal for the enthusiast wanting civil Airband coverage without breaking the bank !

For those of you looking for the operating manual details for the PRO-44 which as mentioned above is the same unit can be found on the Tandy web site:

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