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Commtel 214

The Commtel 214, produced for Commtel by Uniden is identical in shape to the UBC-220XLT and offer very similar features and performance although the keypad layout is a little different.

As with all Uniden produced equipment it is very easy to operate which is a major consideration for some. Frequency coverage is 66-88MHz, 108-174MHz, 406-512MHz and 806-950MHz with 100 memory channels available and and 12 pre-programmed search banks. The memory channels are split in to 10 banks of 10 channels and any number of banks can easily be selected to scan (at least one bank must always be selected).

One unique feature of the Commtel 214 is Direct Scan. This allows the first 10 channels (Bank 1) to be recalled or scanned very quickly by pressing just one button. Even if Bank 1 is locked out from the normal scanning of banks the Direct Scan mode will select Bank 1. A small memo pad just below the LCD allows you to identify which frequencies you currently have stored in channels 1-10 (use pencil so you can change them !)

The Commtel 214 is supplied with a internal Nicad battery pack which when fully charged will supply up to 12 hours of use although less than this would be more realistic. A suitable AC adapter is supplied but you can also charge the battery pack from a motor vehicle using a cigar lighter lead as an external 12v DC supply is all that is required.

A flexible BNC type antenna is supplied but a mobile magnetic mount or external antenna can also be used to improve the performance of the set. Overall the Commtel 214 represents very good value Some may find that the Nicad Pack is a little restrictive rather than AA batteries but as it can be powered from a 12v DC supply this may not be the problem it may seem.

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