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Originally produced by GRE for Commtel as the COM225 this model is now available under thir own badge as the PSR-225. It is similar in both appearance and features to the Tandy PRO-2035/2042 series that were very popular in the late 1990's.

The PSR-225/COM225 continuous coverage from 25-1300MHz with 500 memory channels (10 Banks of 50). Programmable modes of AM, Narrow FM and Wide FM are available on any frequency although the step sizes are set.

The PSR-225/COM225 scans at up to 40 channels per second whilst searching at up to 75 increments per second. 23 pre-programmed Search Banks are available for quick, instant searching whilst 10 normal search banks are also available for storing lower and upper frequency limits of your choice. The Auto store feature allows you to select into which bank you wish any active frequencies to be put. Duplicate frequencies will not be entered.

The Lock Out feature allows specific channels or a maximum of 200 specific frequencies. The large Rotary Dial on the front allows you to manually tune up/down through the spectrum. In memory mode this allows you move up/down through the memory channels.

The PSR-225/COM225 has a large, orange backlit, clear Display that also includes a signal strength meter.

A feature not to be seen on any other scanner at the moment is the Tape Recorder Remote Control. You can specify up to 10 specific channels that when active will turn on/off a tape recorder via the Tape Remote output on the back of the COM225.

The PSR-225/COM225 is fitted with an internal 220v AC Power supply although it can also be powered from any external 12v DC (500mA) Power Supply.

A review of the COM225 can be found on Rich Wells excellent StrongSignals site.

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