The Icom IC-R1 is no longer available.

Complete signal access is yours anywhere! With the IC-R1 one of the smallest receivers ever made the whole world fits in your pocket. Enjoy air and marine communications, ham bands and more. Weighing only 280g and measuring 49(W) x 102.5(H) x 35(D) mm - the IC-RI receives the 2-905 MHz range in FM wide, FM narrow and AM modes.

Thorough station searching is assured with programmed, selected mode memory and auto memory write scan functions. Store desired receive frequencies and modes into 100 memory channels. Unlike many previous handheld receivers the IC-R1 includes both a tuning control and keyboard for easier frequency selection.

You'll never miss any signals with the 24-hour system clock and timer. The sleep timer automatically turns OFF the power when you go to sleep. Any memory contents can be copied into the VFO. For extended listening time an optional battery pack or battery case can be connected to the bottom. The function display lights up for night operation.

Accessories such as a wall charger flexible antenna and belt clip are included The IC-RI is ruggedly built to give you immediate global access in challenging outdoor conditions.

Well all thats the Icom blurb !........Without question the IC-R1 is the smallest scanner on the market at the moment and offers true "shirt pocket" mobility, however existing or past users may tell you this is very much at the expense of overall performance. In a strong signal environment (major city, near a transmission site etc.) the IC-R1 can be quickly overloaded with stronger or adjacent signals breaking through. The IC-R1 does not offer the overall performance of similar specification receivers produced by Yupiteru, AOR or others. If you are looking for a "first" or "only" scanner the IC-R1 is probably not a wise choice. If, however you are looking for a small, compact wide coverage scanner to perhaps "back up" your existing equipment and appreciate the IC-R1's limitations it is well worth at least considering.

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