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Whilst not offering continuous coverage the MVT-3300EU does have quite wide range including the entire VHF Civil airband and part of the Military airband. Coverage also includes the 800MHz frequencies.

A total of 200 memory channels (In 10 Banks of 20) are available and 10 individual search banks. The MVT-3300 has programmable modes of NFM (FM) and AM together with programmable increment steps of 5kHz, 6.25kHz, 10kHz, 12.5kHz & 25kHz.

The MVT-3300EU has a built in descrambler for analogue speech inversion which maybe of interest to some potential customers. If the MVT-3300 stops on a transmission employing speech inversion pressing the "SCR" button engages the inversion unit and the Rotary Dial acts as a fine tuner to select the correct tone. This feature has limited (if any) use here in the United Kingdom but speech inversion is employed by many users in other countries especially on some cordless phones although if they operate below 66MHz your out of luck !

Other features include a "Global" attenuator, memory channel lockout and frequency lockout when searching. The MVT-3300 continues to see Yupiterus decision to have a built in 2 second delay following the end of any transmission although the "SKIP" facility will force the receiver to resume scanning or searching after 5 seconds.

The backlight illuminates the LCD display and also they keypad. As with the more recent Yupiteru receivers (MVT-9000) the backlight will remain on for 5 seconds following the last press of any key or can be forced to stay on all the time.

The MVT-3300EU is powered from 4 x AA batteries or can be used from an external 12v DC supply.

Those familiar with the Yupiteru way of operation would be quite at home ith the '3300 however for new users it is quite simple to operate.


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