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Icom IC-PCR100

February 2004
Please note the IC-PCR100 is no longer available having been discontinued by Icom here in the UK.

  • Wideband Coverage:10 kHz - 1.3 GHz
  • AM, FM, WFM
  • Unlimited Memory Channels
    Store frequencies, mode and attenuator settings onto your computer hard disk or a floppy. Available memory channels only limited by free hard disk space or the number of floppies used.
  • Tunable Bandpass Filter
  • Stereo Audio Output (external speakers required)
  • Digital Auto Frequency Control (AFC) Circuit to compensate for frequency drift in FM mode
  • Auto Noise Limiter (ANL) for clean sounding AM audio
  • Band Scope
    Easily find busy frequencies within a specified bandwidth (up to +/-2MHz). All signals are viewable on screen. By clicking a frequency "bar" you can immediately jump to that frequency.
  • Digital S-Meter
  • Large Selection of Tuning Steps Available
  • A Variety of Scans, including Program, Auto-Memory Write, Memory, Mode, Select and Skip
  • Tone Squelch
  • RF Attenuator

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