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September 2004
Icom UK announced a large price increase on the IC-PCR1000.
As a result we will no longer be stocking this model. It will remain available as a special order though.

The IC-PCR1000 brings the world or communications to your Desktop:

  • Super wide, (no gaps) frequency coverage 100Hz - 1300 MHz, All mode AM; for broadcast radio stations, TV sound and VHF airband transmissions WFM; for VHF broadcast radio stations FM; for CB, Ham, commercial and marine radio transmissions SSB; for long distance communications used by radio amateurs, airlines and mariners CW; for morse code.
  • Thousands of Memory Channels. Store all those frequencies you have found and recall them easily. The total number of memory channels is only limited by the size of your hard drive!
  • Automatic Mode. Input a frequency and this function will automatically select a receive mode, step size and filter settings accordingly.
  • IF Shift. Effective n SSB/CW modes for reducing interference from nearby signals. It does so by electronically shifting the passband of the IF filter. This helps ensure clear reception even during crowded band conditions.
  • Noise Blanker. The noise blanker circuit surpresses pulse type noises such as that caused by vehicle ignition systems. This function is only effective in SSB, AM and CW modes.
  • Digital AFC function. Automatically compensates for frequency drift in FM mode only, keeping the receiver tuned to the center frequency of the tuned station, even when using 6kHz or 15kHz filters.
  • Auto write scan. Automatically finds busy channels and writes the channel details to disk.
  • Program scan. You decide on the top and bottom frequency limits and the PCR1000 scans that range continually.
  • Memory scan. Searches the memory channels that you have saved previously.
  • Voice Scanning Control (VSC). Scan stops on busy channels only

Other Features:
  • Built in Loudspeaker or use the sound board in your PC.
  • Easy connection. External receiver, no need to take the lid off your computer All required cables and a power supply are included. (UK version)
  • Software - Original Win3.x and Win95 compatible radio control software supplied together with revised Windows(R) 98(SE), Me, 2000 & XP software.
    You can download a compatible version of the IC-PCR1000 control software for the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems here
  • Minimum Hardware / Software requirements:
      Win3.x or Win95
      486DX4 or better
      10 Mbytes HDD space
      16 Mbytes RAM
      Serial port, 38400bps
      SVGA video card (640x480: 800x600 recommended)
Dave Southworth has an excellent resource page for IC-PCR1000.

Prices & Availability

    Only available on an "to order" basis. For the latest prices please give us a call by phone or send us an e-mail.

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