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Realistic PRO-2035

The PRO-2035 is no longer available as all stocks have been sold :-(

The PRO-2035 from Realistic (Manufactured by GRE in Japan) replaced the well respected PRO-2006 base/mobile scanning receiver in the Radio Shack/Tandy line up

Apart from the rather more "modern" design to the PRO-2035 it has several new features - the most visual being a large rotary tuning dial on the front. The receiver is pleasing to look at with controls well spaced on the front panel.

Frequency Coverage is continuous from 25MHz to 520MHz and 760MHz to 1300MHz, 1000 memory channels store frequency and mode. AM, Narrow FM and Wide FM are available on any frequency. Various increment steps can also be selected by the user.

In terms of operation the PRO-2035 follows all previous GRE produced scanners, owners of sets such as the PRO-2006 will soon be at home with the '2035. Programming is identical with the radio defaulting to certain modes and increment steps after entering a frequency however the defaults can be overridden by the press of either the Mode or Step button. Any number of banks can be scanned and channels locked out as the user wishes.

The 10 search banks allow the user to enter a lower and upper frequency to search between, the mode and increment step can also be selected by the user. Two new search facilities allow more than one search bank to be selected at any one time whilst "Auto Store" will automatically store any active frequencies found when searching between two frequencies into one of the memory banks. Whilst this is an extremely useful facility for unattended monitoring it has it shortfalls as it does not detect if it has already stored a frequency into the memory bank, the possible result is that you can end up with a bank of 100 channels filled with the same frequency.

The large tuning dial allows memory channels to be quickly selected by rotating the dial "up" or "down", it is also possible to tune up or down from a displayed frequency.

The PRO-2035 also allows for a certain amount of "memory management" to take place. You can move frequencies that may be spread throughout a bank to run consecutively from the start, you can move memory bank contents into the monitor bank and should you wish to delete a bank of frequencies it is not necessary to do a complete CPU reset as before as all frequencies in an indivdual banks can be cleared with the press of a few buttons. Locked Out frequencies that you may no longer require in a memory bank can also be deleted very quickly.

As with many Realistic scanners the provision for instantly scanning the NOAA weather frequencies is provided - a facility that can be best described as useful as a chocolate fireguard for the majority of users in the United Kingdom !

The Pro-2035 is fitted with an internal AC transformer (240 volts AC) or can be run externally via 12 volts DC.

Main Features/Specifications

  • Frequency Coverage: 25-520MHz and 760-1300MHz
  • Modes: AM, NFM, WFM
  • Increment steps: 5kHz, 12.5kHz, 50kHz
  • Memory Channels: 1100 (10 Banks of 100 plus 100 temporary monitor channels)
  • Search Banks: 10

  • Sensitivity (from the manual)
    AM (20dB S/N with 60% modulation): 25-1000MHz 2uV, 1000-1300MHz 5uV
    NFM (20dB at 3KHz deviation): 25-1000MHz 0.5uV, 1000-1300MHz 3uV
    WFM (30dB S/N at 22.5KHz deviation): 25-1000MHz 3uV, 1000-1300MHz 10uV

  • Selectivity (from the manual)
    AM: +/- 6KHz = -6dB, +/- 12KHz = -50dB
    NFM: +/- 10KHz = -6dB, +/- 20KHz = -50dB
    WFM: +/- 150KHz = -6dB, +/- 300KHz = -50dB

  • Intermediate Frequencies: 1st IF = 609-005-613.5MHz, 2nd IF = 48.50MHz

  • Scanning Speed: Upto 50 Channels per second
    Search Speed: Upto 50 increments per second

  • Audio Output: 1.3 watts

  • Size: 90mm (h) x 232mm (w) x 210mm (d)
    Weight: 2 Kg

Supplied Accessories

  • Telescopic Antenna

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