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Realistic/Tandy PRO-26

The PRO-26 is no longer available and this model has now been discontinued. We will keep this page here for reference

Manufactured by Uniden for Realistic the PRO-26 has 200 memory channels (split into 10 banks of 20). Frequency Coverage is continuous from 25 - 1300MHz with no gaps at all. Any mode of AM, Narrow FM (NFM) or Wide FM (WFM) can be selected on nay frequency and whilst the PRO-26 defaults to set increment steps when entering a frequency this can be overridden and an alternative step size chosen from those offered.

The PRO-26 is the first Tandy/Realistic Handheld to offer full no gaps coverage including the FM (Wide) Broadcast Band Radio. Other Firsts for a PRO handheld is a switchable attenuator, keypad beep On or Off , Programmable Delay of 2 or 4 seconds and Auto Store.

The PRO-26 is exceptionally Fast when it comes to Scanning and Searching. In Scan mode it will race through the memory channels at 50 per second. When searching in normal mode it will take 1 second to advance 100 steps. In Hyper Mode it will search in 5KHz steps at 300 steps per second. Any increment step can be chosen when searching from 5, 12.5 or 25KHz. When in the Broadcast Band FM Radio and TV Bands 50KHz steps can also be selected.

The receiver requires four AA size batteries, rechargeable Nicads can be used and charged whilst in the set using the separate external "charging" socket. The set can be powered from an external power source and requires 9v DC. The PRO-26 can be powered from a motor vehicle cigar lighter socket however a 12v dc to 9v DC converter is needed.


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