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Realistic/Tandy PRO-43
Commtel 204

The PRO-43 and Commtel 204 are no longer available. We will keep this page here for reference...and nostalga !

The Realistic PRO-43, also available as the Commtel 204 (in fact ONLY available now as the Commtel 204) is manufactured by GRE in Japan has proved to be one of the most popular hand held radios in recent years. Wide frequency coverage (although not continuous) combined with easy use, fast scan and search speeds has made the PRO-43/COM204 a favorite with many people.

The PRO-43/COM204 has 200 memory channels split into 10 banks of 20 channels each. Any number of banks can be scanned and channels locked out. The simple search facility allows two user defined limits to be entered between which the receiver will search in set increment steps.

Unlike all the other Realistic/Tandy handhelds scanner the PRO-43/COM204 has switchable AM/FM on any frequency however you cannot override the default increment steps. In the United Kingdom the increment steps used do not always match those of the PRO-43/COM204 which is primarily based on the U.S. bandplan, for example in the 152 ~ 153MHz band the U.K. use 12.5KHz steps in AM mode: 152.000, 152.0125, 152.0250, 152.0375, 152.050, 152.0625, 152.075, 152.0875, 152.10 and so forth - the PRO-43/COM204 will default to 5KHz steps which not allow every channel to be selected and you will be 2.5KHz off - not a major problem providing you are in the correct mode but something to be wary off.

The PRO-43/COM204 is a simple scanner to operate and ideally suited to those who wish to avoid something too complicated. The receiver requires six AA size batteries, rechargeable Nicads can be used and charged whilst in the set using the separate external "charging" socket. The set can be powered from an external power source and requires 9v DC. The PRO-43/COm204 can be powered from a motor vehicle cigar lighter socket however a 12v dc to 9v DC converter is needed.

For those interested in aviation the PRO-43/COm204 has full coverage of the 118-137MHz VHF communication channels but does not allow the 108-118MHz navigational frequencies (ILS, VOR etc) to be entered. It has full UHF airband coverage from 220-400MHz.


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Operating Manual

For those of you looking for the operating manual details for the PRO-43 can be found on the Tandy web site:

Availability !

The PRO-43 or Commtel 204 is no longer available.

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