Fairhaven RD-500VX Image Although the RD-500 has been available for some time it remains a receiver with limited awairness. Initially only avilable through Fairhaven themselves the RD-500VX is now manufactured by SMC Communications and available through normal dealer networks.

In many ways the RD-500VX is like many other receivers offering wide, continuous frequency coverage with variable modes and step sizes however it is also like no other receiver in so much as having storage capacity to hold station names and information on every signal that it encounters. Now it is possible to have a receiver which not only holds your own station selections in memory, but has a complete knowledge of its spectrum.

It is a scanner, an HF receiver with SSB and pass band shifting, and it's memory can be used for digital sound recording !

The station memory system provides 234 groups (A1 to Z9) which can each hold between 1 and 999 records although the maximum total number of records is limited to 54,000 with the standard memory of 2 Mbytes althoughbthis can be increased to 110,000 with optional and extra RAM, these figures are reduced when the memory is partitioned for sound recording.

Any word or group of words or abbreviation can be searched for in the entire database, the user can start a search with a broad definition such as "broadcast" or "repeater" and then narrow down the search with a city name or other attribute. By first searching the group names, the total description of any station would be 20 letters in the group title plus 20 letters in the record text field. For example, one single record might be:-

    Worldwide broadcast - Voice of America #1.
- and it can contain 110,000 records!

The supplied RS-232 cable allows data to be downloaded from a PC and the RD-500VX has a built in HAMCOM decoder, Stereo FM output together with many other features.

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