UBC-245XLT Image Uniden Bearcat

The Uniden UBC-245XLT is a 300 Channel Programmable Handheld Scanner with the capability to automatically follow several analogue type trunking systems, namely; Motorola Type I, Type II Hybrid, SMARTNET, PRIVACY PLUS and EDACS.

Although the BC-245XLT has been available in the USA for some time now the UBC-245XLT is a new addition to our product range and differs from the BC-245XLT in so much as:

  • 66-88MHz low VHF coverage rather than 29-54MHz
  • 12.5KkHz steps on VHF 137-174MHz
  • Continuous 800MHz at 12.5kHz steps
As a conventional receiver the '245XLT isn't really anything special however the capability to automatically follow Trunked systems makes this unit stand out from most others and highlights its specific use

Not only can the UBC-245XLT be programmed conventionally via the keypad but the provision of a computer port (RS-232 cable supplied) allows the radio to be programmed and controlled remotely from a PC. There are several third-party software packages available including:

The '245XLT's SmartScanner feature allows those uses in the USA to automaticaly download frequencies, Trunking Talk groups and Fleetmaps from the Uniden National Frequency Database. The SmartScanner software can be downloaded from the Undien USA web site

The UBC-245XLT does not carry "CE" approval and I am afraid we are therfore unable to sell this model to customers within the UK or other EU member countries.

Main Features:
Frequency Coverage 66-88MHz in 12.5kHz steps
108-137MHz in 12.5 kHz steps
137-148Mhz in 5kHz steps
148-174Mhz in 12.5kHz steps
406-470MHz in 12.5kHz steps
470-512Mhz in 12.5kHz steps
806-956MHz in 12.5kHz steps
Memory Channels300
Trunking CapabilitiesMotorola Type I, Type II Hybrid, SMARTNET, PRIVACY PLUS and EDACS ®
Power requirements4.8v DC internal (Nicad Battery Pack)
12v DC External
Audio Output210mW into 8W internal speaker
8mW into a 64W earphone
Size2.5"in.(w) x 1.75"in.(d) x 6"in. (h)
Weight11 oz.
Supplied accessories BNC Flexible Antenna
800mA Nicad Battery Pack
RS-232 Computer Interface (DB-9 Serial connector)
Belt Clip
Operating manual

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