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I hope the following will help in clarifying some of the conflicting information that appears to have been published with regard to the different version of the '780XLT.

The Uniden 780XLT is distributed in three areas:

  • 1. BC-780XLT distributed in the USA
  • 2. UBC-780XLT distributed in Australia
  • 3. UBC-780XLT distributed in Europe

Both the Australian and European UBC-780XLT's are exactly the same unit (i.e. there is no difference between them).

The UBC-780XLT differs from the BC-780XLT (USA Model) in so much as:

  • Those frequencies used by cellular in the USA are not blocked.
  • The "WX" feature is replaced by a Service Scan" feature.
  • The default modes and steps used when entering a frequency differ slightly
  • The frequency reverse feature ("./RVRS key") is different (See the operating manuals referenced below for details)

The Trunking features on both are the same and there is no problem using a UBC-780XLT for Trunking in the USA. The only difference we are aware of is that on the BC-780XLT there are four choices when it comes to "Control Channel Only Mode" (Page 57 in the BC-780XLT manual) and just two (Plans 1 & 2) on the UBC-780XLT.

Main Features

The main features of the UBC-780XLT include:

  • Frequency coverage: 25-512MHz, 806-956Mhz, 1240-1300MHz
  • Memory Channels: 500
  • Search Banks: 10
  • Modes: AM, FM & WFM
  • Step Sizes: 5/7.5/10/12.5/25/50/100 kHz
  • Alpha numercal Display (2 lines, 16 characters)
  • Trunking capabilities: Motorola, EDACS, LTR
  • RS-232 capabilities

Using a UBC-780XLT in the U.S.A.

    There appear to have been some suggestions that the UBC-780XLT cannot be used successfully in the U.S.A. due to compatability issues when Trunking in the U.S.A. This information is incorrect (as far as we are aware) and may have originally come about due the fact that using a BC-780XLT (as distributed in the U.S.A.) in Australia can possibly be problomatic as the frequencies used by cellular (824.010-849.00, 869.010-895.00) in the U.S.A. are "blocked" on the BC-780XLT. This therefore cuts out part (around 1MHz) of the Australian 800MHz commercial trunking band. If any frequency within these blocked ranges were required and called by a Trunking DATA channel they would not be available.

Additonal information and reviews of the BC-780XLT can be found on Rich Wells StrongSignals web site especially his BC-780XLT Club/nfoCenter section.

Operating manuals for the two models can be downloaded in PDF file format:

Several software for the unit are also available however there does appear to be some compatability issues with some US produced software working with the UBC-780XLT properly. The following are a few packages known to support the '780XLT.

For UK users the Metradio group on Yahoogroups is well worth joining.

Pricing & Availability

The UBC-780XLT is currently available at 199.00 Pounds inc VAT within the UK.

This price is also valid for orders outside the EU and includes delivery by UPS.

Please e-mail us for the current stock situation.

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