A little bit about us

We are one the UK's leading distributors of scanners and associated equipment starting out in 1982. Our web site started in 1995 but our On-line presence goes back further to several networks and USENET newsgroups. We have been exporting scanners around the globe and especially the USA on a large scale since around 1992.

If you have any questions on the products available, scanning in general especially airband listening, please feel free to give us a call or drop us e-mail, we are always glad to hear from you and willing to have a chat with you.

We would hope there are many factors when considering where to purchase your equipment - price is obviously one but product knowledge, after sales service, in house repairs and when needed direct support from manufacturers are several others that might be considered. We do not like to think of ourselves as box shifters and providing prompt, detailed information is just one way in which we can hopefully show this. We have gained a reputation for providing a fast & friendly service, and believe that you, the customer is our most important asset.

Some customer feedback with regard to our service can be found at Rich Wells excellent StrongSignals web site. You may also like to Search the USENET newsgroup archive at Google with regard to comments that have been made on newsgroups. The archives go back to 1995.

The last few years has seen the number of receivers increase considerably with many models being available under more than one "badge" - this can make the choice of the most suitable difficult.

"Which is the best"? is a question we are often asked. "Best for what"? is often our reply !

At first sight (or hearing) this may not sound very helpful. However our aim is not to sell you what we might want you to buy but rather provide you with information and advice that allows you to make the decision as to which is the "best" receiver for you and your needs. The most expensive is not always (if at any time !) the most suitable. Some have larger budgets than others, some may put one particular feature (computer control as an example) of more importance than others, some may prefer a larger display than others, and so on. What suits one person may not suit your own requirements and I would hope that the information and advice you receive from ourselves is second to none in allowing you to make your choice.

We generally carry stocks of all the receivers in this catalogue. Sometimes this proves a little difficult, in particular when new products become available so we would suggest before ordering any equipment you check that the particular item you require is in stock.

If you have any special requirements please feel free to contact us - we would be pleased to try and assist.

We have gained a reputation for providing a fast & friendly service, and believe that you, the customer are our most important asset. In all aspects of our business we do our best to maintain a warm and friendly approach.

Office Hours
From the 28th May 2001 we are no longer able to accept personal vistors/callers.

The Office is open Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:30, we are not open Saturdays. E-Mail is however checked on a regular basis both in and out of office hours.

  Telephone Fax
Domestic UK: n/a
(Where "+" = your International access numbers)
Direct dial from the USA:
(We are +5 Hours on EST, +8 Hours on PST)
Postal Address:
PO Box 708,

Orders and Payment
If you are interested in ordering we can accept VISA & Mastercard credit cards together with International Wire Transfers, Postal Orders, Bank Drafts or personal cheques in Pounds Sterling or any local currency you may come up with (Despite several offers we regret to say that we are still unable to accept Wives and/or Children in payment for radio equipment - sorry !).

If you wish to order by E-Mail and would prefer some sort of security please use PGP and our Public Key.

Domestic Orders in the U.K. are shipped by First Class Mail or Overnight Carrier, most international orders are shipped via International Air Mail. Express delivery by carriers such as Federal Express can requested by the customer.

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