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MAY 2002
The AR8600 is now no longer available having been replaced by the AR8600-II. We will keep this page here for reference.

Whilst the AR8600 shares commonaility in operation with the AR8200 / AR8200-II it should not be considered as just a base/mobile version of the AR8200 as it is a new receiver containing different RF stages and design that also includes the provision for the fitting of optional Collins mechanical filters.

The "official" AOR AR8600 colour brochure is available for download in PDF format

Main Features of the AR8600 are:
  • All mode receive and wide frequency coverage.
  • 'All New' front end and RF stages, this provides superior sensitivity and higher dynamic range.
  • Operation similar to the trendsetting AR8200 but circuit design is very different thanks to increased availability of space within the cabinet.
  • Five (5) optional SLOT CARDS (as used on the AR8200) may also be 'simultaneously' fitted with the option to select two to operate.
  • 8.33kHz airband channel spacing.
  • RS232 port is internally fitted as standard.
  • Optional Collins mechanical filters
  • A wide 10.7MHz i.f. output is provided for compatibility with the SDU5500 spectrum display unit.
  • Aerial input is via a BNC socket.
  • Internal Nicad Battery Pack option for mobile use
  • 12V d.c. operation.
AR8600 Slot Cards
Up to Five optional slot cards can be fitted.

AR8600 Internal Battery Pack Option

Internal Battery Option
AR8600 Collins FIlters

Optional Collins mechanical filters

Availability & Price
As mentioned above the AR8600 has been replaced by the AR8600 MkII

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