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The DJ-X3E is a small, competativly priced unit that offers continuous coverage with no gaps from 0.1Mhz through to 1300MHz.

All the features you expect in a modern scanner are available including a decoder for speech inversion scrambling. The DJ-X3 can also be connected to a PC for data upload/download and suitable software has recently been released by ALinco and can be downloaded at no charge from their USA web site. A suitable interface is required.

Main Features

  • Coverage range: 0.1 to 1300 MHz
  • 700 memory channels (10 banks x 70ch/bank)
  • 20 pairs of programmed-scan memory channels, 8 priority channels and 100 search-pass memory channels that skips scan even in VFO/Programmed-scan mode
  • VFO, Programmed, Preset, and Memory scan modes with memory-skip capability
  • Scans 20steps p/s in VFO mode, 10 channels p/s in memory mode.
  • 11 different steps plus an automatic-step mode
  • Palm-fitting, lightweight, easy-to-carry compact body
  • WFM, WFM stereo, NFM and AM modes
  • An SMA rubber-ducky, earphone, and internal ferrite-bar antennas (AM/SW) improve reception capability and operational flexibility.
  • Bug detector finds hidden transmitters
  • Speech Inversion Decoder
  • Wide variety of optional accessories to choose from
  • High quality audio, capable of STEREO (optional stereo speaker or headphone required)
  • Triple Conversion circuit
  • Large, illuminated display
  • PC utility software (available soon)

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