Important information for Potential Customers outside the U.K.


Potential Customers in countries outside the United Kingdom would be advised to check on any regulations regarding the importation of scanning receivers or restrictions on frequency coverage. We are NOT the importer and are in no way responsible for complying with any Import Regulations in countries outside the U.K. There are no regulations with regard to the frequency coverage of receivers and scanners sold or distributed within the U.K. nor are there any regulations relating to their export from the U.K.

The customer is responsible for complying with any & all local regulations with regard to the importation of equipment together with any consequences as a result of importing such equipment.

Guaranteed Delivery

    We are often asked from potential Customers in the U.S.A. if we can Guarantee Delivery of models that receive the frequencies used by analogue cellular in the USA. The answer to this is quite simply No and anybody who suggests otherwise is, I would suggest being a little misleading. As the importer you are responsible for complying with any import regulations (as we are when importing goods into the U.K.). Should United States Customs choose to inspect any shipment sent by Surface Mail, Air Mail, Courier, Air Freight or any other method we have no control over the actions they may take. The same applies to the Customs authorities in any other country.

    If your shipment is not delivered due to US Customs we will usually offer a refund or a replacement. This however does not change the fact you remain responsible for any actions US Customs may take.

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