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    October 2006
    Sadly the MVT-7100 is no lonetr produced and all stocks appear to have been sold so unless you can find stock sat on the shelf the used/secondhand market is the only place you will find this model now.

    We will keep this page here for reference however our 40 page English instruction manual is available to purchase at a cost of 10.00 inc postage. This is not available from any other source.

    The MVT-7100 kept Yupiteru ahead of the field when it came to high performance, wide band scanning receivers for many years. Until the arrival of the AOR AR8000 no other receiver offered the coverage, features and performance that the MVT-7100. Although Yupiteru have introduced more recent models (MVT-7200 & MVT-9000) many still say that even though the MVT-7100 lacks some of the more "fancy" features it still leads in receiving performance.

    Full, continuous coverage from 530khz ~ 1650MHz. Any mode from AM, Narrow FM, Wide FM together with Upper & Lower sideband. Increment steps vary from 1kHz up to 100kHz although when LSB or USB is selected then increment steps as small as 100 or 50Hz can be used allowing for true and accurate tuning of utility stations.

    The 7100 has a list of features that are the envy of most other hand held units. Not only does this unit perform beyond belief on the HF/SSB bands but it is also one, if not the top handheld for sensitivity on the VHF/UHF bands. Many owners have been surprised to find that the '7100 has matched or in some cases exceeded the performance of such scanners as the Icom R7000 & AR3000.

    The MVT-7100 scans at sprightly 30 channels a second, fast enough to keep up with all the action, and with 1000 channels that can mean a considerable amount! If you have a mix of frequencies in different modes and you just want to scan the airband frequencies (AM) you can even tell the MVT-7100 just to Scan those channels that have frequencies stored in AM mode. This saves you having to "lockout" all the channels in other modes.

    10 Search banks are also provided into which the user can program upper & lower limits to search between in any chosen mode & increment step. Individual memory channels can be "locked out" if desired as can up to 500 individual frequencies that when searching may cause the scanner to stop if they contain Data or interference.

    Whilst many handhelds now have an attenuator to reduce the level of interference on certain frequencies this can usually only be turned on or off effecting all channels. The MVT-7100 has an attenuator that can be switched on or off for each individual channel.

    The clear LCD display shows the Frequency, Mode, Increment Step, Channel number together with any facilities in use and a 8 segment Signal Strength meter. The backlight not only illuminates the LCD screen but the keypad as well.

    * Howard Bornstein's review of the MVT-7100 can be found here.

    We also produced our own 40 page instruction manual for the MVT-7100 which is considerably easier to follow than the original Yupiteru supplied manual. This is only available with MVT-7100 purchased and not as an individual item.

    Back Light Modification
    The backlight on the MVT-7100 is only lit whilst the "LAMP" button is pressed. It is it is possible to modify the circuit by utilising the "KEY LOCK" switch to turn on/off the lamp without having to keep the "LAMP" button pressed all the time - a useful feature if you are a nocturnal creature !

    It does however result in the "KEY LOCK" feature becoming disabled. You can clearly see the "LAMP" button and "KEY LOCK" switch on the above picture. This modification is available for an additional charge of just 10.00 if requested at the time of ordering. We can also carry out this modification to existing MVT-7100's - please contact us for details.


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A review of the MVT-7100 by Howard Bornstein

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