Yupiteru MVT-9000
Preset Feature

The Japanese domestic model (and some early Export models) of the MVT-9000 have a feature known as PRESET - this is the equivalent of the Automode feature that you find on the AOR AR8000, AR8200 and some others - when you enter a frequency with PRESET selected the mode and step size for that frequency will be selected automatically. PRESET can be overridden and any mode or step size can be selected if you prefer.

The PRESET feature is not enabled on the Export version (and not referenced in the manual) - with good reason really as the PRESET modes and step sizes are defined for the Japanese bandplan which is not really suitable for use elsewhere. For example, enter 360.50MHz (which most of us would prefer in AM, 25kHz steps as this is Military UHF Airband) will result in FM, 12.5kHz steps being selected. The PRESET setting for Medium Wave is AM, 9kHz steps which is not ideally suited to some areas.

If you wish to enable or disable the Preset feature you will need to disassemble your MVT-9000 so you have access to the logic/CPU PCB. You will also need to be familiar with working with very small surface mount components.

A Japanese domestic model of the MVT-9000 will have a resistor in position "S" but not "P" whilst the export version (MVT-9000EU) will have them the other way around allowing continuous coverage with no Preset feature.

    Location "P", Resister removed = Preset enabled
    Location "P", Resister present = Preset disabled

    Location "S", Resistor removed = Continuous Coverage
    Location "S", Resistor present = Japanese domestic coverage

      Frequencies omitted are:
        253.00 - 255.00MHz
        262.00 - 266.00MHz
        271.00 - 275.00MHz
        412.00 - 414.50MHz
        810.00 - 834.00MHz
        860.00 - 889.00MHz
        915.00 - 956.00MHz

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