Price List

Domestic, European and Worldwide price lists will be available to download in the near future however should there be any particular receiver or accessory you are interested please drop us an e-mail for further information. Please remember most prices we quote INCLUDE shipping by Express courier rather than Air Mail. This is an extra charge with most other companies so please don't forget when comparing prices.

Whenever possible we much prefer to quote for any product via e-mail as this allows us to provide considerably more information especially for our overseas customers with regard to shipping options and the current price in your local currency which is dependant on exchange rates.

We would hope there are many factors when considering where to purchase your equipment - price is obviously one but product knwoledge, after sales service, in house repairs and when needed direct support from manufacturers are several others that might be considered. We do not like to think of ourselves as box shifters and providing prompt, detailed information is just one way in which we can hopefully show this. We have gained a reputation for providing a fast & friendly service, and believe that you, the customer is our most important asset.

Some customer feedback with regard to our service can be found at Rich Wells excellent StrongSignals web site

I hope we can be of assistance to you.

Jonathan Clough