Computer Interface

The RS-8200 is a high quality interface that provides a low cost way to connect your AR8200 to a PC. Fully compatible with all software our new interface is housed in a DB-25 socket (if you only have a free 9 way serial socket then a simple convertor is all that is required).

The 1m lead is terminated with moulded jack on the end for direct connection to the remote socket on the side of the AR8200. Unlike many other interfaces the RS-8200 supports hardware squelch detect.

AOR's AR8200 Tuner package is available as a free download from their web sites. Other software packages will evolve as time goes on and we will try and provide links where possible to those that become available on the 'net.

AOR AR8200 Software:

Third Party Software for the AR8200:

Main Features

  • Fully compatible with the AR8200
  • Moulded Jack for direct connection to the AR8200 remote socket
  • Well produced Instruction Manual


The RS-8200 is priced at £49.99 for customers within the UK & EC member Countries.

For export outside EC member countries the price is £42.50 (excluding VAT) which as a guideline is about US$60 at the moment.

RS-8200 Interface

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