Computer Interface

Originally manufactured for the DJ-X10 the RS-X10 is a high quality interface that provides a low cost way to connect your DJ-X2, DJ-X10 or DJ-X2000.

The interface is housed in ether a DB-9 or DB-25 socket that plugs onto a free serial port (COM1, COM2 etc). If you only have a free 9 way serial port then an adapter is required. The 1.5M lead is terminated with a stereo 2.5mm jack that plugs into the cloning socket on the top of the receiver.


There are several software packages that support each receiver - Alinco provide freee softawre for the DJ-X2 and DJ-X2000. The following are those that we are aware of - others may also be available.


The RS-X10 is priced at 34.99 for customers within the UK & EC member Countries.

For export outside EC member countries the price is 30.00 (excluding VAT) which as a guideline is about US$45 at the moment.

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