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The Scouttm is the latest advancement in handheld frequency recorders that excels at finding and recording frequencies for security, law enforcement, and recreational monitoring applications. The Scout frequency recorder is a revolutionary device that can record up to 400 unique frequencies and store them into memory. The Scout can also record up to 255 hits on each frequency in memory.

The Scout is similar to a conventional frequency counter, in that it measures the frequency of any transmission from 10MHz to 1.4 GHz.

However, the Scout distinguishes itself from a frequency counter by being able to differentiate between random noise and coherent RF transmissions. This exclusive feature developed by Optoelectronics is called Digital Filter and Auto Capture (Pat. Pend.) It's this feature that allows the Scout to record frequency transmissions automatically.

When connected to a AOR AR8200, AR8000, AR2700, PRO-2005 or PRO-2006 (equipped with the OptoScan 456 computer interface modification), Pro-2035 or Pro-2042 (equipped with OS-535 computer interface modification) or CI-V receivers (ICOM's IC-R10, R7000, R7100, and R9000) it will automatically tune the receiver to the frequency it records. This feature is called Reaction Tuning (Pat. Pend.). The Scout sends the proper command code to the receiver to place the unit in remote operation. Any frequency that passes the filter that is captured will be sent to the receiver. The frequencies may also be recalled from the memory of the Scout to tune the receiver.

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  • Records and saves up to 400 unique frequencies
  • Records up to 255 hits on each frequency in memory
  • 10Mhz to 1.4GHz single frequency range
  • Records frequencies automatically with Digital Filter and Auto Capture (Pat. Pend.)
  • Automatically tunes the following receivers with Reaction Tuning (Pat. Pend.):
    • Pro-2005 or Pro-2006 (equipped with the computer interface modification)
    • Pro-2035 or Pro-2042 (equipped with the computer interface modification)
    • CI-V receivers (ICOM's R7000, R7100, and R9000).
    • AOR models (AR2700 and AR8000).
  • Sleep mode: All frequencies are saved when power is turned off
  • Recall mode: View all 400 frequencies and counts stored in memory
  • Interface to a PC with the Optoelectronics
  • Custom ten-digit LCD
  • EL backlight for night operation
  • RF signal strength bargraph
  • Pager style vibrator for discreet recording
  • Distinctive beeps indicate frequency hits
  • LED front panel indicator
  • Rapid charge NiCad batteries supplied with ten hour discharge time
  • AC charger supplied, for 2 hour recharge
  • PC utility disk supplied for downloading memory to computer

Input Amplifier50 Ohm vswr <2:1
Range10MHz - 1.4GHz
Sensitivity1 mV 30MHz - 900MHz
Maximum Input+15dbM, 50 milliwatts
Time Between Measurements10 milliseconds, all range & gate times
RF signal Strength Bargraph 16 segments, approximately 3 db
segments. Relative indication only. No calibration
Size3.7" High x 2.75" Wide x 1.2" Deep
Weight8.5 oz
Battery Internal 4 cell AA850 mA hour
Operating time10 hours
Charging circuitRapid charge with negative delta and time out V termination
Power2 VDC 1 Amp wall plug adapter for rapid charging. 6 VDC 130 mA minimum operating power required. AC90 adapter supplied
Power Connector2.1 mm coaxial, centre positive

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