UBC-220XLT Uniden Bearcat

The Uniden UBC-200XLT was one on the most prolific selling scanners of the late 80's - it was solid and very easy to operate however with the advent of continuous coverage receivers such as the AOR AR1000 and Yupiteru MVT-7000 with more channels and features the UBC-200XLT and other Bearcat scanners soon fell out of the limelight.

The Bearcat UBC-220XLT followed in the Uniden tradition of being well built, sturdy and easy to use. Whilst lacking the continuos coverage found on many scanners now it offers good overall performance at a competitive price. The Uniden produced Commtel 214 is very similar to the UBC-220XLT

What can't I "pick up" on the UBC-220XLT ?

    The most two most notable gaps in the coverage of the 220XLT are the 220-400MHz which is the UHF Military airband together with FM broadcast band between 88- 108MHz.

Main Specifications:-

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