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The AR108 is a new, palm sized Airband Receiver covering 108 to 180MHJz. It is also available as the Commtel COM307.

It gives the best possible receive sensitivity in the Civil Airband. The radio covers 108 - 180Mhz with the VFO covering this frequency in two bands. 108 - 136.975Mhz for the Civil Airband and 136 - 180Mhz for the rest of the VHF band. The frequency is changed by use of the up/down buttons on the selected digit.

It holds a 99 memory bank for each of these bands, which are set independently. There are also facilities to lock in frequencies in the memories to pass on.

  • Powerful receive performance
  • 99 Memory channels per band
  • Selective channel steps
  • Dual Channel switch
  • Key Lock
  • Battery voltage indicator with 4 grade steps and low battery warning
  • Power saving
  • Beep tone on/off
  • Memory Pass


  • Frequency coverage: 108 - 136.975Mhz, 136 - 180Mhz
  • Power: Internal 3.0V, External 7.0 - 20V
  • Dimensions: 58W x 85H x 26.5D