Commtel 307

The Commtel 307, manufactured by Maycom is the same as AR-108 receiver.

A a new, palm sized Airband Receiver covering 108 to 180MHz.

It gives the best possible receive sensitivity in the Civil Airband. The radio covers 108 - 180Mhz with the VFO covering this frequency in two bands. 108 - 136.975Mhz for the Civil Airband and 136 - 180Mhz for the rest of the VHF band. The frequency is changed by use of the up/down buttons on the selected digit.

It holds a 99 memory bank for each of these bands, which are set independently. There are also facilities to lock in frequencies in the memories to pass on.

  • Powerful receive performance
  • 99 Memory channels per band
  • Selective channel steps
  • Dual Channel switch
  • Key Lock
  • Battery voltage indicator with 4 grade steps and low battery warning
  • Power saving
  • Beep tone on/off
  • Memory Pass


  • Frequency coverage: 108 - 136.975Mhz, 136 - 180Mhz
  • Power: Internal 3.0V, External 7.0 - 20V
  • Dimensions: 58W x 85H x 26.5D