AOR AR16 Image

AOR AR16 Wide Ranger

Continuing our lead in providing information on new products prior to any other international distributor and emphasising our close links with leading manufacturers we were pleased to provide specifications and the first on-line picture of AOR's small receiver the AR16.

It was believed that this project had been knocked on the head some time ago (previously known as the AR16 Tornado !) as news of development came to a halt however it seems to have been burning away quietly in some part of AOR's development department !

Slightly larger the Standard AX400 the AR16 features continuous coverage from 500KHz -1300MHz with programmable modes & step sizes.

500 memory channels are available in 5 groups of 100 (A ~ E) but the lack of a numerical keypad means frequencies can only be selected by Rotary dial. The AR16 can be connected to a PC via an RS232 port so frequencies can be uploaded remotely.

More recently the Icom IC-R2 and Yaesu VR-500 have become available both of which offer arguably superior performance and features to the AR16.

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