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AX400E / Welz WS-2000


Please note the AX400Eand WS-2000 are no longer available.

Following on from the successful AX400/WS-1000 Standard released the AX400E which is also available under the Welz (Diamond Antenna) badge as the WS-2000.

The new AX400E/WS-2000 is a development of the WS-1000/AX400 with no external differences over the previous version however the new model sees the following improvements over the WS-1000:

  • Coverage from 100kHz ~ 1300MHz
  • 800 Memory channels in Total (10 x 80)
  • 20 Search Banks
  • 90 Search Pass Frequencies
  • Improved signal handling


  • The AX400E is no longer available.

Prices & Availability

    For the latest prices and availability please give us a call by phone or send us an e-mail.

Optional Accessories

  • A soft carry case is available.


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