Camnis HSC-050 / Trident TR-2400 Camnis HSC-050
Trident TR-2400

Both these two radios are the same other than name and are produced by the same Company that made many radios previously badged with AOR labels (AR900/950/1000/1500/200) together with Fairmate (HP100/200), Camnis and Trident.

The HSC-050/TR-2400 was primarily (I believe) aimed as a direct competitor to the MVT-7100 which at the time this radio was launched at the top of the scanner tree. The addition of a manual BFO allowed for the reception of SSB signals and the radio maintained many of the characteristics found on the AR1000. I am led to understand the unit was offered to AOR however they preferred to choose an alternative source for their new radio (now the AR8000).

Unfortunately due to poor reliability and quality control we no longer carry stocks of this particular radio. In due time later models may see improvements in these areas (a similar pattern of events occurred with the AR1000 & AR1500 radios).

If you do own a Camnis HSC-050 or Trident TR-2400 and find the unit locks up or behaves in a strange manner from time to time resetting the CPU may help.

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