Commtel COM510

Commtel 510

The Commtel 510 was manufactured by Murantz (Standard) and was also distributed as the Standard AX400 & Welz (Diamond Antenna) WS-1000. Both these models have been replaced by the later AX400B/E and WS-2000.

Measuring just 97mm(h) x 58mm(w) x 24 mm (d) it is the Worlds smallest handheld scanner. The Commtel 510 requires just 2 x AA batteries for internal power and with these fitted still only weight a remarkably light 200 grams.

Main Features

  • Frequency coverage is continous from 500KHz - 1300MHz with no gaps
  • Modes of AM, NFM & WFM available on any frequency
  • 400 memory channels
  • 10 Search Banks
  • 80 Search Pass Frequencies
  • Programmable increment steps of 1, 5, 6.25, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30,100 & 100KHz.

Availability & Price

  • Commtel have discontinued the COM510 I'm afraid and all our stocks have been sold.

Optional Accessories

  • A soft carry case is available.


  • Performance is excellent for such a small scanner and connecting to an external antenna and using the "airbands" resulted in no strong signal overload or intermod. Audio is clean and crisp for a unit of such size. FM Broadcast reception is also good.

    If your looking for something small, compact yet offering good performance at a very competative price the Commtel 510 is hard to ignore.

AX400/WS-1000 for comparrison

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