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AX400 / Welz WS-1000


One of the smallest scanners

This receiver manufactured by Murantz (Standard) in Japan was originally available as either the Standard AX400, Welz WS-1000 and Comttel 510. All these models were superseded by the AX400B/E or WS-2000.

Measuring just 97mm(h) x 58mm(w) x 24 mm (d) it is one of the smallest handheld scanner available. For those familiar with other Standard products it is the same case as the C501/601 HT's.

Not only is the AX-400/WS-1000/COM510 extremely small but it requires just 2 x AA batteries for internal power and with these fitted still only weight a remarkably light 200 grams.

Main Features

  • Frequency coverage is continuous from 500KHz - 1300MHz with no gaps
  • Modes of AM, NFM & WFM available on any frequency
  • 400 memory channels
  • 10 Search Banks
  • 80 Search Pass Frequencies
  • Programmable increment steps of 1, 5, 6.25, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30,100 & 100KHz.


  • The Standard AX400 & Welz WS-1000 badged versions are no longer available.

Optional Accessories

  • A soft carry case is available.


  • Performance is excellent for such a small scanner and connecting to an external antenna and using the "airbands" resulted in no strong signal overload or intermod. Audio is clean and crisp for a unit of such size. FM Broadcast reception is also good. A negative responce has hardley been received from any customer.

    If your looking for something small, compact yet offering good performance this receiver is pretty much all on its own with little to compete against it.


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