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Realistic PRO-2006

The PRO-2006 is no longer available but we do have stocks of the Commtel 205 which is the same receiver but distributed by Altai here in Europe.

This page remains for reference though.

Following on from the PRO-2004 and PRO-2005 receivers the PRO-2006, manufactured by GRE in Japan is perhaps the most popular base/mobile scanning receiver in recent years. It is also available as the Commtel 205.

Frequency coverage is continuos from 25-520MHz and 760-1300MHz, any mode of AM, NFM or WFM can be selected on any frequency and a choice of increment/channel steps can also be selected.

400 memory channels store frequency and mode whilst the 10 search banks allow user defined lower and upper frequency limits to be stored together with mode and increment step. An additional 10 "monitor" channels are available to store frequencies that may be found during search.

Two speeds of scan/search are available, the faster of the two allowing around 26 channels per second to be scanned.

Internally the receiver requires a PP3 (9 volt) battery to mainatin the memory contents when the receiver is not connected to a power source. The receiver is fitted with an internal AC transformer (240 volts AC) or can be run externally via 12 volts DC.

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