Realistic/Tandy PRO-60

The PRO-60 is no longer available I'm afraid but is quite often seen on the used/secondhand market so we will keep these details on line.

The Realistic PRO-60 was as near as you can call a "follow on" to the well respected PRO-43. Manufactured again by GRE the PRO-60 has 200 memory channels (split into 10 banks of 20) with frequency coverage from 30-512mHz & 760-999.9875Mhz. Any mode of AM, Narrow FM (NFM) or Wide FM (WFM) can be selected on any frequency although the PRO-60 does default to set channel spacing/increment steps.

The PRO-60 is ideal for aviation enthusiast as it offers full VHF (Civil) & UHF (Military) Airband coverage. It is easy to use, offers good scan and search speeds. The PRO-60 is the least expensive scanner we have with full military airband coverage and really does offer excellent value for money at the current price.

The PRO-60 requires six AA size batteries, rechargeable Nicads can be used and charged whilst in the set using the separate external "charging" socket. The set can be powered from an external power source and requires 9v DC. The PRO-60 can be powered from a motor vehicle cigar lighter socket however a 12v dc to 9v DC converter is needed.


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