After receiving our first R10 direct from Japan we made a small posting to and other newsgroups on USENET in early December.

The following is a slightly ammended version of that posting that has subsiquently used later.


The new R10 was first shown here in the UK by Icom during Mid October at the Leicester Rally - the unit has been available in Japan for a short time and also Australia. We have been playing with one for a short time and Icom (UK) have just received there first shipment also.

The set is very compact and pleasantly "simple" in appearance - it is certainly the smalles of the current crop of receivers with such coverage of 500KHz - 1300MHz.

The Two line Matrix LCD display is clear and uncluttered - intensity can be set to four levels. 1000 memory channels are provided (Banks A-P) with 50 channels each - thats 800 channels and Banks Q & R have 100 channels each. The latter two banks are used for Auto Store and also those frequencies you wish to skip when searching - they can be scanned though as "normal banks". Each memory channel stores, frequencies, mode, attenuator setting (on/off), Skip On/Off (lockout).

Upto 10 characters can be used for each channel description. The description allocated is only displayed when the channel is recalled manually - and then for just a few seconds. It does not display the description if that channel is stopped on when scanning (As on the AR8000 & MVT-9000). Each Search Bank can also have a description of upto 10 charcaters.

As with the AR8000 & MVT-9000 the rotary dial is used to select the letter, numbers or characters that can be used however Icom have included a useful shortcut feature in that each of the numerical keys (0-9 & .) equate to 2 letters and one number so that you can jump around the character set a little quicker - pressing the Function key first gives you lower case equivalents.

If you forget the channel number of a specific channel you can do a name Search (assuming you have assigned a Alpha tag) to locate channels begininng with certain letters.

There are 20 search banks with upper/lower limits, mode, step size, attenuator on/off.

Icom have stuck with there Bank, Program or Mode Scan features. Delay is set at 2 seconds (called Pause). Setting Delay at 5 seconds r 10 seconds causes the R10 to continue after set number of seconds regardless of whether the transmission has ended. The Voice Scanning Control (VSC) will try to detect when unmodulated signals are being received when scanning and continue.

Performance wise the sensitivty is good - the Icom specs don't make you jump out your seat but in use its been good accross the band. Poor adjacent channel selectivity with trouble from adjacenet channels was reported by some early users although we have not noticed this - in the Broadcast FM band the R10 is the best when compared to the MVT-9000 and AR8000. Our local FM radio station is 97.50MHz - there is a "not so local" on 96.90MHz - on either the AR8000 or MVT-9000 tuning 96.90 still results in the local station coming over the top - on the R10 there is no sign on 97.50 on 96.90 with two distinct transmissions received.

Quite noticeable when connected to an external antenna here at work was Intermod from pagers - this occured on quite a few VHF airband frequencies programmed in together with the 139MHz area although on an external antenna at home no such signs were present - certainly no IC-R1 though.

Scan speed is slooowww compared to current sets a little over 6 channels per second although search speeds are higher at around 16 per second.

Modes available are WFM, NFM, AM, LSB, USB & CW. There is also an Auto Mode which selects the mode associated with frequency ranges there is also a auto step size - the two do work independantly from each other if you wish. At this stage I don't know if this "bandplan" can be altered by any means (ala AR8000).

Icom have also included a switchable Noise Blanker function for LSB, USB & CW and a Aotomatic Noise Limiter for AM. The bandscope is not a patch on the MVT-9000 although in reality I doubt many users really make use of this feature on any of the sets with it.

Hope that gives some insight at this stage.

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