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Update Feb 2004:
We no longer have stock of the IC-R10 and the model has been discontinued by Icom here in the UK. We will not be getting anymore.

The Icom IC-R10 is a compact, rugged and high performance receiver.

  • All mode (FM, WFM, SSB, CW, AM) receiver

  • Newly designed 'busy catch scan'

  • Wide-band coverage with all mode receive capability (0.5 MHz to 1300 MHz)

  • Real-time bandscope
    (a first for handhelds) making it easy to bind busy frequencies and see the propogation conditions of frequency bands.
    • Ample memory channels with memory name function
      1000 memory channels are available in the IC-R10, and 8-character memory names are storable for each channel and each bank for easy recognition. In addition, a maintenance free EEPROM is employed for memories.

    • Improved receiver characteristics
      Tuneable bandpass filters are employed in the IC-R10 to provide good image and intermodulation rejection characteristics.

    • Useful scanning functions
      Scan types include programmed, memory, bank, modes as well as a new scan type, 'BUSY CATCH' scan for FM mode. The 'BUSY CATCH' scan searches for the next busy frequency using a 'para' receiver circuit while the actual receiver circuit is detecting a signal (scan pauses) Then, the actual receive frequency jumps to the next busy frequency when scan resumes. This speeds up the total scan speed.

    • VSC Function
      Icom's original VSC (Voice Scan Control) is available - the first time on a handheld receiver. This function pauses during scan only when modulated signals are received.

    • Multi function dot-matrix LCD
      A multi function dot-matrix LCD is employed in the IC-R10 to display a great variety of information, such as receive frequency, mode, real-time band scope and memory names, etc.

    • Full computer access capability
      The IC-R10 can be connected to your home computer for cloning, downloading and receiver control. With an optional CS-R10, memory contents, frequency, mode and memory names, etc. can be programmed or downloaded quite simply. The receiver control system, Cl-V, is employed in the IC-R10 to control receive frequency, mode and signal strength, etc. In addition, the IC-R10 has 2 separate connectors for cloning and Cl-V connection.

    • EDIT switch provides easy editing or revision of memory contents.

    • Memory copy

    • Auto Mode and Tuning Step for simplified operation.

    • 36 mm internal speaker for ample power output and clear audio.

    • AA Battery Power
      4 AA size dry cells (or Ni-Cad batteries) can be installed or a 4.5-16V external power supply can be connected.

    • 100 Hz frequency resolution.

    • Built-in 20 dB attenuator.

    • AFC function

    • Noise blanker and Auto Noise limiter

    First impressions

    The R10 is easy to get to grips with and a few comments from our first impressions can be found here !


      Update Feb 2004:
      We no longer have stock of the IC-R10 and the model has been discontinued by Icom here in the UK. We will not be getting anymore.



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