Alinco DJ-X10

Alinco DJ-X10 Alinco's initial entry into the scanner market with the DJ-X1 several years ago would seem to have had mixed fortunes. The receiver was small and compact (although a little heavy) and received positive comments from reviews however for one reason or another it never really seemed to take off - it did have a rather quirky operating set which didn't always endear itself to new users.

Alinco however once again enter the wide range, multi function scanner arena with the sleek looking DJ-X10.

Continuous coverage from 0.1 ~ 2000MHz is provided with programmable modes of WFM, NFM, AM, CW, USB & LSB. The DJ-X10 has a user programmable bandplan to automatically change mode and step size associated with frequencies. As with several other receivers on the market advanced features can easily be used by beginners by selecting the beginner mode whilst more experienced scanner users may choose the expert mode to move things along at a pace.

The DJ-X10 has 1200 memory channels arranged into 40 banks or 30 channels each and each memory channel can be assigned upto 8 characters for a accurate description of that frequencies use. There are various scanning modes: Memory Scan, Programmed Memory Scan, Selected Mode Scan & VFO Scan. There is also the more familiar search facility for locating frequencies between two pre-set limits. An auto memory write facility whilst searching is also available.

The multi function LCD Display provides a wide range of information, not only frequency, channel number & mode but Volume and Squelch levels are also displayed on the screen which also has as a Channel/Bandscope facility. The visual display lets you see activity of upto 40 adjacent channels with user delectable span.

The DJ-X10 can be powered from a Nicked Battery pack (Alinco accessories include 650mAH, 700mAH & 1200mAH packs) or AA alkaline batteries.

The DJ-X10 has the capability to be connected a computer and a suitable RS232/TTL converter is required. We produced two alternatives, either our own JAV-232 Interface or RS-X10.

There has however only been a limited number pf packages available, primaraly due Alincos reluctance to release the necessary information for third parties. One such package that was produced though was a DOS, shareware package from Bruce Pope. The restricted version can be downloaded from our web site in the ZIP file below. The full unrestricted version is available either Bruce DIrect or ourselves.

Other features listed include:

    Auto Timer - On/Off
    Cable Cloning
    Demo Display Mode
    Key Lock
    Priority Watch
    Display Contrast
    Low Battery Warning

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