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    The Alinco DJ-X2 offers 0.522MHz - 999.995MHz continuous coverage in a package that measures just 58mm wide x 90mm high and just 15mm deep! Weighing in at some 85g this is a lightweight !

    700 memory channels are available with programmable modes AM, NFM & WFM together with user selectable step sizes including the new 8.33kHz channel spacing used on the VHF Airband in Europe.

    Other features include a unique "sniffer" circuit (patent pending) that searches for hidden transmitters or "bugs" and an adjustable descrambler that allows you to hear certain types of analogue speech inverted transmissions.

    An internally fitted Lithium-ion battery provides many hours of use however a clip on charger also acts as optional AA Battery cell power source. The Lithium-ion charger requires 9v DC (Positive centre) power source.

    The DJ-X2 can be connected to a PC and data uploaded/downloaded. A Suitable interface is required such as our RX-X10 and software can be downloaded vua the Alinco USA web site

    A comprehensive review of the DJ-X2 by Rich Wells can be found on his excellent Strongsignals web site.

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