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The Alinco DJ-X2000 is the world's most advanced multimode hand held receiver, so advanced Alinco say they decided to call it Intelligent !

Coverage is 100 KHz to 2150 MHz continuous with no gaps and 2000 memory channels are available in 50 banks of 40 channels. There are also several features in the DJ-X2000 not available on any other unit - the in built frequency counter is a first and allows the radio to instantly tune to any detected frequency within range of the counter (this is a near field capability).

Other built in features include CTCSS, two-mode "bug" detector to allow hidden transmitters to be located, a record facility that allows up to 160 seconds of audio to be stored in digital memory and a speech inversion decoder for analogue scrambled audio together with other conventional features you would expect in a modern receiver.

DATA between different DJ-X2000's can be cloned whilst free software available from Alinco allows the unit to be programmed from a PC - memory and other data can be uploaded and changes can be made to settings including the Auto Mode Bandplan.

Main Features DJ-X2000E

  • 100 KHz ~ 2150 MHz continuous coverage
  • 2000 memory channels in 50 banks, 40 channels per bank
  • WFM, NFM, AM, USB, LSB, CW modes in many different tuning steps, including user-programmable step.
  • Fast scan speed
  • Easy to read dot matrix LCD display
  • Alphanumeric channel names and name tag search engine
  • PC programmable (See software details below)
  • Help Navigation so powerful, you may never need the manual (enters directly to the set mode of relative parameters from the help menu!)
  • Two-mode "Bug" detector finds hidden transmitters
  • Instant search function locks onto the nearest, strongest signal (new circuit design, patent pending)
  • Frequency counter, accurate to 1 ppm, uses digital TCXO first time in the receiver industry.
  • Field Strength meter
  • S-meter activated beep alerts you to nearby calls
  • Record up to 160 seconds of audio in digital memory
  • Inversion decoder for scrambled audio
  • FM stereo receiver (requires optional stereo headphones)
  • CTCSS decoder/tone scan
  • Two-level attenuator reduces strong or interfering signals 6 or 20 dB
  • 24 hour timer
  • Use 10 ~16 VDC external power or internal batteries (an optional DC cable is required for external power source)
  • Battery level indicator and battery save feature
  • Ni-Cd battery and quick charger included.
  • New design rubber-duck antenna for better reception, especially at lower frequencies.

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