MVT-7200 Image
Apologies but this isn't
a picture of the MVT-7200.
If it were it would
be grey in colour rather
than black and have
a flexible antenna !

    The MVT-7200 is no longer available but this page remains for reference. The MVT-7100 however continues to be one of the most popular models available

    The MVT-7200 is best described as a enhanced version of the MVT-7100 with several changes for the better (a few other would have been nice also, but...)

    • 2.4KHz SSB Filter
    • Narrow AM Mode
    • Additonal step size of 125KHz on WFM only
    • Internal Ferrite Bar Antenna
    • Backlight Operation
    • Supplied Flexible antenna

    SSB performance has been improved with the use of a high quality Murata CFJ455K5 (2.4kHz) filter as has overall selectivity and band pass filtering. An in-built antenna has been added for AM Broadcast reception - something first seen on the AR8000 and Narrow AM is now an added choice of reception mode. Cosmetic changes include a new charcoal grey plastic case with light green lettering rather than blue on black as on the MVT-7100 (The picture to the left is of the MVT-7100 not the '7200 - sorry !)

    The backlight for the LCD screen and keypad can now be turned on permanently. On the MVT-7100 this stays on only while the light button is pressed.

    The supplied antenna is now a wide band flexible variant rather than telescopic.

    All other features and operating routines remain exactly as on the MVT-7100.

    We also produced our own 40 page instruction manual for the MVT-7200 which is considerably easier to follow than the original Yupiteru supplied manual. This is only available with an MVT-7200 purchased and not as an individual item.

    Jeff Goldman, sysop on the Scanning Section of Compuserves HAMNET forum posted a short review shortly after receiving a unit.

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