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Uniden Bearcat

Please Note: The UBC-3000XLT has now been discontinued and is no longer available. A new model the UBC-3300XLT is due for release later in 2004.

Uniden are one of the most prolific produces or scanning receivers on the market at the moment. Not only do they produce their own branded Bearcat models but also sets for Realistic/Tandy and Commtel.

The UBC-3000XLT is currently Unidens handheld Flagship. Frequency coverage is 25-550MHz and 760-1300MHz with no gaps. the '3000XLT also has programmable modes of AM, NFM & WFM together with programmable increment steps of 5, 12.5, 25 & 50kHz. 30kHz step sizes as default are available between 824-849MHz & 869-894MHz if requested

400 memory channels are available to store frequency and mode and a easy to use Search facility allows any upper and lower frequency limits to be searched between in any mode or increment step.

Of the receivers with similar features (25-1300MHz coverage) the 3000XLT stands out as probably the best in terms of overall performance. It is very fast at both scanning and searching and has good sensitivity together with sensitivity also. This means that the Bearcat 3000XLT is good at rejecting signals that might cause interference in strong RF environments.

The UBC-3000XLT is powered from a Nicad Pack (supplied) that will allow, on average around 5-7 hours continuous use. Spare packs can be purchased and the pack can be charged from any 12v DC supply. If anything this is the only shortcoming of the Bearcat 3000XLT - AA batteries would have been nice although if you take a look at the Commtel 216 you will see that this combines the features of the UBC-3000XLT with some found on the PRO-26 one of which is that it uses AA Batteries !

The UBC-3000XLT requires a 12v DC Power supply to charge the Nicad Battery Pack. For orders within the U.K. and Europe (and elsewhere that uses 220/240v AC) a suitable adapter is included. Unfortunately for customers in the USA or whose mains AC supply is 100/110v AC we are unable to supply a an AC adapter and it is necessary to purchase one locally should you not already have an existing suitable power supply. Radio Shack or similar is the best bet as they are readily available from here for minimal cost. The Output required is 12v DC, 300mA.

The UBC-3000XLT is also supplied with a flexible antenna, belt clip and earpiece together with a robust carry case.

There are three main differences between the UBC-3000XLT and BC-3000XLT. Other than the following all operating aspects and features of the two models are the same.

  • Full 760-1300MHz coverage on the UBC-3000XLT (with 30kHz step sizes available between 824-849MHz & 869-894MHz if requested)
    Details of the modifcation required to enable 30kHz steps on a European UBC-3000XLT are available here
  • The BC-3000XLT has immediate access to the US NOAA Weather frequencies by pressing the "WX" Key. This is not available on the UBC-3000XLT and it is necessary to enter or search these frequencies "by hand".
  • The UBC-3000XLT is supplied with a Carry Case.


Main Specifications

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