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Commtel 216

Somewhat surprisingly it appears Commtel have discontinued the COM216 ! As from the early part of May no stock was available from Commtel.

The Commtel range of scanners are distributed by ALTAI here in Europe with many of their models being more familiar to many as the PRO-xxxx at Tandy/Radio Shack.

The Commtel 216 is currently their top handheld scanner and is produced by Uniden and is perhaps best described as a cross between the UBC-3000XLT and the PRO-26, both Uniden manufactured as it combines features found on both.

The Commtel 216 has continuous coverage from 25-1300MHz with no gaps. Programmable modes of AM, NFM & WFM are available on any frequency together with programmable increment steps of 5, 12.5 & 50KHz.

For the aviation enthusiast the Commtel 216 offer full VHF (Civil) & UHF (Military) coverage. The programmable step sizes and modes allow the Commtel 216 to be used in all areas where the default settings on some scanners may not be ideal for the bandplan in use.

400 memory channels are available to store frequency and mode and a easy to use Search facility allows any upper and lower frequency limits to be searched between in any mode or increment step.

The Commtel 216 scans memory channels at a very fast rate and can search in 5kHz increment steps at 300 increments per second.

Unlike the UBC-3000XLT which uses s a Nicad battery pack the Commtel 216 is powered from 4 x AA Batteries (the same as the PRO-26) or an external 12v DC supply (unlike the PRO-26 but like the UBC-3000XLT !).


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