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The AR3000A was an evolutionary step forward from the highly acclaimed AR3000, many major improvements have been implemented at the request of enthusiastic listeners and commercial organisations. Search and Scan speed has been increased to an unprecedented 50 increments per second.

Your listening horizons are truly extended with receive coverage from l00KHz all the way up to 2036MHz without any gaps in the range. The AR3000A offers the widest coverage on the market today with a high level of performance and versatility from long wave through shortwave, VHF and onward to the upper limits of UHF and SHF.

The high level of performance is achieved by using 15 band Pass filters before the GaAsFET RF amplifiers unlike other receivers which may rely largely on broad band amplifiers.

This ensures high sensitivity through the entire coverage with outstanding dynamic range and freedom from intermodulation effects

Not only will the AR3000A cover this extremely wide range it will allow listening n any mode: NFM, WFM, AM, USB, LSB and CW.

Tuning rates are selectable from ultra-fine 50Hz step for SSB and CW right the way up to 999.95kHz for the TV and VHF broadcast band, x 10 increase and x5 decrease tuning rate buttons have been provided on the front panel to increase versatility .and operational pleasure. A free running rotary tuning control provides the best possible method of user interface especially when listening in the SSB modes.

An RS232 port is provided enabling full remote control Via most computers, control facilities include: Frequencies, Receiver mode, Frequency steps, Writing to/from memory, Signal strength, RF attenuator, Memory bank changeover etc. A rear panel switch changes control between the keypad and RS232 port.

The large comprehensive front panel Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) has an improved 12 o'clock viewing angle which provides a multitude of information such as Search. Scan, Frequency, Memory and additional functions such as Memory bank and Second function. Illumination is provided to increase visibility in areas of low level lighting. The display includes a real time clock for accurate log keeping, there is also a timer and tape output socket for unattended monitoring.

400 memory channels are provided in 4 banks x 100 channels. Each memory channel will retain mode, frequency, RF attenuator setting and lockout status. The first channel of each memory bank may be used as a priority channel providing four channels in total. All memory and search programmed information is retained by an internally fitted lithium battery

The implementation of a more efficient microprocessor has not only lead to greater stability and additional facilities but also increased scanning and search speeds. Front panel memory clear and microprocessor reset facilities are now available.

No less than four search banks are provided, each bank can be programmed by the user to operate anywhere within the tuning range of the receiver. As an aid to searching l00 individual frequencies can be locked out of each of the four search banks to prevent the receiver stopping on continuously occupied frequencies. Enhanced programmable hold and variable pause facilities have been added to the search, scan and priority, this ensures the very highest level of versatility.

The AR3000A is powered from 13.8V DC, a suitable mains power supply is provided with the receiver. Other accessories include a telescopic whip. DC lead and operating manual.


The AR3000A Plus is a customised AR3000A with several enhancements:

Computer Control of the AR3000

The AR3000 and AR3000A via the external RS232 connection on the rear of the radio can be controlled externally via a Computer. There are several Software packages that support both the AR3000 and AR3000A. AOR produce Searchlight for Windows whilst two alternative packages are ScanCat Pro & Scan*Star Commercial. For further information click here.

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