AOR SDU5000 Spectrum Display Unit

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The SDU-5000 has now been replaced by the SDU-5500

For many years, the professional radio "listener" has been using expensive spectrum display units (SDU) and spectrum analysers as an aid to intercept those elusive signals. Now the serious listener can also afford the luxury of an SDU with features never offered before by this type of equipment.

The SDU5000 Spectrum Display Unit adds a variety of features to extend a receiver's capabilities, such as visually identifying new active frequencies and taking measurements. The SDU5000 may be used with a number of receivers (which have a 10.7 MHz I.F. output) and provides a bandwidth up to +/- 5 MHz in 1 kHz increments with a resolution of 5 kHz or 30 kHz.

The SDU5000 remains compact due to the use of an internal 3.1'' (79mm) HQM simple matrix 16 colour LCD 192 dot x 210 dot. An external home colour television with video input may also been connected (PAL or NTSC).

The SDU5000 has been designed with the AR3000A and future generation of AOR receivers in mind but may also be used with the ICOM R9000, R7100 & R7000 receivers by fitting an ICOM compatible ROM inside the SDU5000 (New Stocks now have AR3000/Icom compatability as standard). The receivers RS232 remote port connects directly to the SDU5000 (ICOM CT17 communication interface is also required if using an ICOM receiver), this ensures the full potential of the SDU is exploited. Operation is extremely simple as the SDU5000 utilises an on screen menu system.

When using the AR3000A, ICR9000, ICR7100 or ICR7000 receivers, the frequency, mode & attenuator may be controlled from the SDU so that a displayed frequency may be easily monitored and the cursor frequency of the SDU is equal to the receive frequency of the radio By using the cursor of the SDU, frequency and signal level can be read directly. This enables the SDU5000 to be used as a wide coverage spectrum monitor between 100 kHz to 2036 MHz (AR3000A) with DDS providing an accuracy of 100ppm. Dynamic range is 50 dB with an acceptable input level between -10dBm to - 90dBm with selectable gain control.

The SDU5000 has a multiple processing function which displays Average Level, Peak Detection and Maximum Value Hold. Previously these professional features have only been available from expensive professional class Spectrum analysers. Of course the SDU also makes an excellent band scope so that adjacent channel activity may be constantly monitored. The SDU may also be connected to a PC where all controls are accessible and display data can be downloaded for record and later analysis.


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