Download the Demonstration version of Jav-Scan 8000.

Our original download detailed below was as three Zip files that fitted onto three 1.44MB Floppy Disks - the files required are though now available in one zip file - just download and run Setup.
Download as one file

March 2004 - Please note the three zip files detailed below are currently unavailable. Please use the single Zip file above.

You need to download the three zip files and unzip them into one directory. Alternatively unzip each file to a floppy and run Setup from Disk 1.

Download Disk 1
Download Disk 2
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Jav-Scan 8000
AOR AR8000 Software

Jav-Scan 8000 is a low cost computer control package for the AR8000 and whilst there is a wide choice of compatible software for AR8000 owners to choose from JAV-Scan 8000 is the only package to support the internal options that can be fitted to this radio. These include the DX-8000 Narrow AM Board (exclusively available from Javiation) or the DS-8000 Speech Inversion board.

Almost all commands available to the AR8000 have been incorporated including, Scanning, Searching, 3 VFO's, Memory management of Scan banks, Search banks and VFO frequencies. JAV-Scan 8000 is a 32bit application and will currently only run on Microsoft Windows 95. A suitable interface such as the RS-8000, JAV-232, or AOR CU-8232 is required to connect the AR8000.

Main Features

  • Two underlying Access databases to store all scan, search and vfo data. Database 1 or the default database contains 500 records for scan banks A to J, 500 records for scan banks a to j, 10 records for search banks A to J, 10 records for search banks a to j and a VFO database which can hold millions of records. Should this not be enough storage space and also to enhance the AR8000's scanning and searching capabilities a second database is available.
  • "One click" tuning of any frequency in the VFO database.
  • Easy uploading of Data to radio either on a single channel basis, bank or all banks.
  • Easy downloading of Data either by single channel or bank
  • Delete memory channel, memory bank or all banks with one mouse click
  • Supports the internal options of either the DX-8000 Filter Board or DS-8000 Speech inversion board

    The demonstration version of Jav-Scan 8000 is available for download and is a full copy with no features disabled - it is however limited to 10 minutes per session.

    The full version of JAV-Scan 8000 is available for just 9.99 inc VAT here in the UK or other EU countries (Export 8.51 pounds)

Other Information

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