RS-2700 / RS-8000
Computer Interface

The RS-2700/RS-8000 is a high quality interface that provides a low cost way to connect your AR2700 or AR8000 to a PC. Fully compatible with all software our new interface is housed in a DB-25 socket.

The 1.5M lead is terminated with a female FFC socket (as found on both these radios). This then means that all that is required to connect your radio to the interface is a single Flat Flexible Cable (FFC).

Two cables are included - one as a spare should you damage or loose the other. Replacement FFC's are available for nominal cost.

Demonstration versions of many of the computer control packages are available for the cost of each Disk and postage.

Main Features

  • Original Sumitomo Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) supplied
  • 1.5m high quality Multicore Cable
  • Well produced Instruction Manual


The RS-2700/RS-8000 is priced at £44.99 for customers within the UK & EC member Countries.

For export outside EC member countries the price is £38.50 (excluding VAT) which as a guideline is about US$55 at the moment.

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