None of these models are available anymore and this page remains for reference.

The HSC-190/TR-2000 is the same receiver that was previously sold by AOR as the AR2700. It was distributed for a sort time (from July '99) by Commtel as the COM600.

The HSC-200/TR-2200 is identical in appearance to the HSC-190/TR-2200 (AR2700) but has slightly wider coverage, additional modes and increment steps. It is more than probable that this is the receiver that was offered to AOR and prematurely suggested would appear as the AR2900. It was distributed (from July '99) by Commtel as the COM610 and in Germany as the ALbrecht AE600H.

The HSC-150/TR-4000 is very similar in appearance to the AR1500/Trident TR-980 also produced by the same Company.

Basic Specifications are as follows:-

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